Monday, 27 September 2010


Here is an old piece, it was covered by Kurt Cobain I believe.
Also, today I learned that the drummer in 'Apostrophe' which I posted yesterday is now in prison :(

Saturday, 25 September 2010

I've made the decision to embed again as it makes the blog seem more like a service which is how I intend it.

Just a great song, not jazz really - but who cares? let me know what you think - I appreciate the support!

Getting funkier by the day

This is one of my favourite songs with a funk vibe
If you don't listen to this then you will have missed out on a great sonic experience
Thanks for coming on this musical journey once again all :)

As a bonus I will include one of my favourite songs, Angeles by Elliot Smith

I'd love to hear your personal suggestions

A new day

Hey all, it's a new day and so we will be taking a new step on our journey!
Today, something a little funky
Thanks for stopping by, it's appreciated :)

Friday, 24 September 2010

Some classical

It's really great to see the diversity of blogs on here, and I'm really glad that people are coming on my jazz journey - I've decided to explore music in general now, I have an interest in classical music and I recently saw the San Francisco Symphony, it was wonderful.
This is one of my favourite pieces of classical music, and I will be honest and say I discovered it through a 'dubstep' remix :)
Such an incredibly powerful piece with great depth.
Thanks for reading!

Kicking it up a notch

Here's weather report, linked to spare your RAM!
Thanks for coming on this journey with me, we won't be going in a straight line :)

ANother excellent installment

I think you will find this very appealing if you enjoyed the last parts of this journey

A very powerful song with intense drumming, just a fantastic video